2016-2017 Season Announcement

In just a few weeks, our new season of music will be launched, thankfully after the election and just in time for us all to start gathering together for Thanksgiving feasts, holiday parties and soul-satisfying concerts. And what a terrific season has emerged!

Highlights are difficult to prioritize because all of the concerts seem like they will be highlights. 

In February, the Norway Pond Festival Singers, with its annual contingent of tenors and basses, will join forces with the Conval Select Chorus and a hot new Bluegrass ensemble out of the NE Conservatory called The Ladles for a performance of Carol Barnett’s powerful “The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass”

And the Hancock Family Christmas Concert just keeps getting better (and more crowded!). This year, guitarist John Muratore will be our guest artist, joining the Junior Minstrels, Festival Singers and Village Ringers. 

Our first concert on November 13th is going to appeal to a broad spectrum of music-lovers. Three Blind Mice is an uncannily engaging jazz trio from NE Conservatory. There might even be some tap-dancing involved. 

During last year’s well-received performance of “Of Thee I Sing”, we all fell in love with presidential candidate John P. Wintergreen played by David McFerrin. Lucky us…he has agreed to return and sing a poignantly crafted recital of songs from World War I with soprano Deborah Selig. 

The premier string quartet from NE Conservatory, the Omer Quartet, will be causing our pulses to race at their performance in April. 

The schedule is outlined below. There are four Series concerts and you can order season tickets online or at the door. Tickets to the Bluegrass Mass must be purchased separately. Your donations at the door for both the Family Christmas Concert and Junior Mints production of Bells Are Ringing (“The Party’s Over”, “Just in Time”) will be gratefully received.

And finally, our annual BISTRO DINNER is on Saturday, April 8th and will feature a film called “Talent Has Hunger” about four young cellists in Boston over a five year period. It is a compelling documentary and features three cellists who have played here in Hancock. One of them, Emileigh Vandiver (“The Armed Man”) will be at the dinner. 

So, let the music begin! I can’t wait to greet you all at the door of the Meeting House. Thank goodness for music – it lights up the soul and connects all of us in the best of ways.