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Sunday March 3rd 4 pm - Ensemble Lyrae House Concert

Ensemble Lyra

Ensemble Lyra

A house concert at the home of the Simpsons featuring Ensemble Lyrae.

Inspired by the natural beauty and brilliance of the constellation Lyra, Ensemble Lyrae brings together five uniquely and highly talented musicians. While each shines as a soloist, together, these women form deep connections in performing duets, trios, and quartets.

 The pianist and four vocalists of Ensemble Lyrae seek to illuminate musical works often unknown or under-played. They also premiere cutting-edge pieces written specifically for the Ensemble and their remarkable sound. 

 Whether performing in a spacious concert hall or a more intimate salon-style setting at home, these captivating Boston-based musicians enliven the audience's senses, engage their imaginations, and invite them to live in a world of timeless beautiful sound.

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. But please check out our remaining three performances of the season.